Saturday, May 8, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

to my wonderful wise and beautiful mother is is too many miles away from me today.....

love you all my heart.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

First Day of School

Are you done yet???

Huddy insisted on wearing his "work shirt" to school.

Waiting for the bus......check out the shoes!

Labor Day Surfing (Sort Of)

These days, Huddy calls anything with boogie boards and water "surfing." The kids were dead set on wearing their wetsuits, so we suited them up and threw 'em in the Rappahannock!

Nielson's 2nd Birthday

We had beautiful weather and a great dinner on the back deck for Noodle's birthday. So glad that Grandmom and PopPop could be there to help celebrate, as well and Aunt Stephie, Irv, and Catharine. Noodle had a great time opening presents, and Huddy had a great time appropriating every single one!

Stomp Rockets were a huge hit!

I love how Hudson is using Nielson's new dump truck . Hmm.

That looks painful, Irv.

Just look at this picture. Then you'll understand why my hair will be completely gray in another 5 or 10 years.

If only these moments could last longer than 30 seconds. That's about the tolerance that Huddy has for Noodle being his passenger.

County Fair

In the town where I grew up, we had "Northbrook Days," which was a fair that set up every year on our Village Green (fancy name for town park.) What a great time that was as a kid. Seemingly endless rides, games and food which collectively could be had for under 10 bucks. Of course, that was back in the day when an ice cream cone at Baskin Robbins cost 50 cents. Ah yes, the good old days......

It's funny going to fairs with my own kids. I see the excitement in their eyes and try to play along, while internally checking out all the rusted ride frames and food that costs more than a down payment on a small car. I shared Ellie's first ferris wheel ride with her- just look at her face! All the while I heard every creak, felt every shudder and wondered when the operator's last drug test had been. I hope I hid it well.

Fairs are magical...when you're 6 and 3. But not when you're 1, like Nielson was at the time. He was just bitter he couldn't ride anything.

As some of you heard me say...I'd like it to be more like Charlotte's Web and a lot less like Joe Dirt!

Don't need to see where I'm goin'...long as I know where I've been!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

My Family

One of the perks of being friends with the photgrapher is that you get first peek at the photos! Here are some shots that my lovely and talented friend Bev took of our family while we were up at Aspen Grove(Utah.) You can check out some more of her work at She does live in Prague, so don't get your hopes up for booking her to do your family's next photo shoot!

We are missing two members of our family, my brother Pete and his wife Sheril. They were not able to come to the reunion and were sorely missed! You'll notice the gap in the big group family photo...we're hoping to Photoshop them in!

Matt and Joi and family

Joey and Tiffany and family

Dave and Jolene and family

Sam and Aleatha and family

The two responsible for unleashing the rest of us on the world.
Aren't they great looking?

Almost all of us.

Long time....

since my last post. My computer is slowly dying. I guess after 8 years, it's entitled. I've been avoiding it since it takes forever to do anything. That's my main excuse for blog neglect. The other being that I have 3 kids. They are consummate time suckers and energy zappers. Luckily for them, they are worth it! Here's some pictures of our trip to the beach last week. Ellie has been learning to boogie board with Doug and is loving every minute of it. The boys are learning to not get swept out to sea by waves. One of life's most important lessons if you ask me! Check out Nielson's short(er) hair. My baby boy is no longer a baby!

Why swim when you can fly?